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  • Herbs_Out_Front
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Devotion to Quality

We offer Chestertown the best
that nature provides.
Devotion to Quality

Thank You

for supporting downtown Chestertown's
locally owned grocery store

Customer Appreciation Program

If you haven't already, sign up for our CAP program
to receive CAP points toward your future purchases.
Customer Appreciation Program

We Care

We love to help our customers
find the products they seek.


Trish Young-Gruber and her husband Jim Gruber
have been in the health food business for over 20 years.
As the owners of CNF,
their mission is to provide Chestertown
the nutrition and information needed to be well.

Jim & Trish's Schedules

Ordinarily, Jim and Trish are most available from Wednesday to Sunday after 4 pm.
However, their schedules often vary.

Custom Service

We redecorate your home

Our Herbs

Grown right at the store



A Classic Garnish

Rosemary & Chives

Rosemary & Chives

Fragrant and Fresh

Rosemary & Chives


The "Royal Herb"


About Us

Meet the people behind Lykka

  • Jack Miller Project Coordinator

    Jack is the one who has the reins in the hand. His organizational talent is one of a kind and makes sure that you will find your new furniture in your place faster than lightning. In his free time he enjoys skateboarding and hanging out with his faithful bulldog Jupiter.
  • Susan Jones Client Manager

    Susan is the nice lady that will plan your decoration project with you and make sure that all your wishes are fulfilled. Experience has shown that bringing her cake will get you an extra consultation. Susan is a cinephile and will find a fitting Tarantino quote for any situation.
  • Tony Hawking Interior Architect

    Tony is our very talented interior architect who knows how to make the best out of little space and get light into the darkest basement. In short, he can make a shack look like a loft. Imagine what he can do, if your place is already pretty decent. Oh, and he's got phenomenal hair.
  • Tyler Stevenson Product Designer

    Tyler acquired her love for handmade furniture very early in life, her dad being a carpenter. Everything that she takes under her critical eye becomes an original, high quality piece, combining retro style with modern elegance. She likes single malt scotch, playing drums and kitties.
  • Jack Miller Project Coordinator
  • Susan Jones Client Manager
  • Tony Hawking Interior Architect
  • Tyler Stevenson  Product Designer

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Chestertown Natural Foods
303 Cannon Street
P.O. Box 560
Chestertown, MD 21620


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Wednesday to Friday
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(410) 778-1677
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